Filofax Pocket as Budget Tracker!

Hi Everyone,

Tracking my expenses really isn’t a task that I love to do, but I know it’s necessary. With my love of all things stationery and planner related, I find I can go a little crazy and be an over zealous clicker if I don’t reign myself in via budget tracking. I picked up this Filofax (Pocket size) in Antique Rose (discontinued colour) from the Finsbury collection, for an absolute BARGAIN from (I used Google Chrome’s automatic website translator to translate the page.) I just recently sold the only two pocket sizes I had, but quickly realised that a pocket would be the perfect size for me to do this! Now I know some of you may be thinking why not just put this in the budget section of your household/family planner instead of getting another Filofax? But this isn’t to track my family spending, this is to track my own.

My Husband tracks our expenses electronically so my Pocket Filofax, is to keep me accountable of my purchases, and I like that I can keep this size in my handbag with my wallet and personal size Filofax and not feel any weight difference. To keep my Filofax eye catching I used two Project Life cards in the front, then labelled the dividers with my Dymo Embossing labeller that I purchased from Kmart :)


I watched a few YouTube videos on how others manage their Finances with a dedicated Filofax and was feeling rather inspired, as always I also went to my ‘go-to’ YouTuber’s and absolutely LOVED Nadine from Nadine’s Mixed Plate’s My Filofax For Finances video which you can watch here.  Nadine is such a beautiful person and explains so much in her videos, the Filofax for Finances video was extremely helpful to me and whilst Nadine has let me know that she is now currently using her Midori for this, I am excited to trial the ‘Filofax Method’ for a while and see how I go.


Expenses is where I write down all the little bits and pieces of my spendings during that day/ week etc. It shows the date, the item purchased and the cost. I simply cut down the personal size expense tracking inserts to pocket size, and re punched the holes.


The Pay section is the diary section. I don’t have a yearly pull out calendar but I am working with what I have, I highlight my Husbands pay dates in blue and have used my checklist stamp from Muji (thank you Tarnz!) to stamp each day. I got this idea from Nadines video and although she used a personal size Filofax, I am working this into my pocket sized Filofax.


That way each time that I pay for something, I write it on one of the lines of that day and can easily track my daily spendings. At the end of the week I can go through and add up all my spendings, I write this figure down in the budget section and will be monitoring this figure for a month or so. I keep a top opening envelope in the current week that holds all of my receipts for that week, then at the end of the week I go through and make sure all of my written spendings match up with the receipts that I have in that envelope.


In my Reps (repayments) section I keep a track of the companies we owe money to, their contact details, account number etc. In this section I have the pocket size Filofax to-do inserts, this keeps a list of all the reps owning on each area and their amount remaining in full, along with these I also keep the coloured, lined Filofax paper to track any notes regarding our repayments.



The budget section is where all of my expense tracking comes together. Here I keep graph paper which gives me an overview of how my spendings are going, whether they are increasing or decreasing for the month. I know some weeks may be harder than others, but just seeing an overall view of what my spendings is like.. will definitely put me back on the budget driven wagon I am sure.


Behind this section I keep another top opening envelop that contains memo note pads. I use these for upcoming expenses, if I know something will be coming up in the next few days then I write these items on the to do memo and place it on the fly leaf at the front of the Filofax. For example I know I have to take back raffle tickets for my daughters school next week so I will write: Lily- $10 cash and I know that this is for the raffle tickets, or once a week I take the kids to our local bakery and they don’t accept Eftpos so I make a note: Bakery $20 cash. I won’t ever spend the full $20 at the bakery so I make a note in my expenses section of the bakery, and the change I have remaining.


The pocket size Finsbury has a full length back pocket. Here I keep a few more memo pads, these are not the sticky note type and are used when I need to run some errands which includes buying random bits from different shops. You could also keep receipts, tickets, new bills etc in this section. I have placed (not shown) my daughters raffle tickets in the back section so I know that I have to return this to the school. As this pocket Filofax is kept in my handbag, its easily accessible when I am out and about :)

As it isn’t always easy showing everything involved with my Filofax/ Gillio setups I often tend to also do a YouTube video ;) I will have one up later tonight so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here for more videos to come!

If you have any questions, as always feel welcome to leave them in the comments section below.

Until Next Time,

Natasha xx